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R&D and sub-contract manufacturing of pasta paste, ľÔÂć series and various condiments.

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Dir Sir,
I wish to inform you.
With all our heart to welcome you joint JIIA NA distributors.

JIIA NA is the worthiest paste company, which manufactures diversified pastes with
ˇ§follow ancient methodˇ¨, to recommend to your customers. We hope sincerely for
helping you and your customers to get various tasty and delicious condiments with
reasonable price. We manufacture products as much as possible with fresh and
nature materials. We will offer the most natural goods to those who love delicious

Whether store business or personal sale, if you joint with JIIA NA as distributor, it
would be another your business climax.

JIIA NA's distributor has reasonable distribute profit.


JIIA NA's distributor doesn't worry about purchasing and stock pressure.

JIIA NA offers the best goods for your introducing and selling.
JIIA NA develops and creates new products continuously, you can obtain better
  margin in diversification markets.
Welcome for you joining, please contact with us by telephone or email, we will demonstrate the detail distribute content.
No.73, Shenei, Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 744, Taiwan (R.O.C.)