Orders of middlemen, distributors, traders, foreign, sub-contract manufacturing etc.

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General customers order products:

  Mode of payment ¢w payment upon receipt of goods without exception

  You can pick and mix any your favorite products with the same price.


JIIA NA uses delivery at customers' doorsteps. Your goods will be delivered by door delivery to your pointed address directly, before


delivery our friendly stuff will confirm with you by telephone. Please give us your telephone number so that we can contact with you.


For JIIA NA feedbacks customers with middleman discount, the charge of delivery by Taiwan Pelican Express ( www.E-CAN.com.tw )


will be NTD 100 extra.Bulk items are delivered by T-JOIN TRANSPORATION, the delivery charge will be separately.


Filling your shopping cart:
When you're ready to place items in your cart, choose the quantity you'd like and press ¡§Buy¡¨ button next to the item you wish to purchase. You'll notice the item is added to your shopping cart on your computer screen.

How to check out:

If you click the ¡§Checkout¡¨ button at the bottom of your shopping cart or the ¡§Cart¡¨ link at the top of the page, you'll see a screen where you can review your order.(NOTE: Even if you log off, items stay in your cart until you place an order.)

Filling your delivery address:

Please enter your details in the boxes for delivery
Name ¡R (Real Chinese name)
Daytime Telephone (or cell phone):
E-mail: (delivery order through e-mail)

Time of delivery: (9:00am-12:00am); (12:00am-5:00pm); (5:00pm-8:00pm) or no preference.
Once you have placed your order, we will confirm with you immediately. And we will make every effort to ensure that delivery and
receipt of your goods is as stress-free as possible.


If you don't get the confirm letter within 24 hours or your letter is rejected, please reorder.


After confirming your order, you should get your goods within 2 to 3 days. The delivery company will call you by telephone for confirming the address, before delivering goods. Therefore you have to leave your telephone which we can contact with you.

  If you find there is any flaws in your goods, please call us within 3 days, we will handle it immediately.

If you need the goods urgently, you can signify ¡§tracking goods¡¨ in the remarks column. We will feedback you delivery information actively by SMS, or you can inquire online.

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