There was a marriage in Cana (that is JIIA NA) of Galilee . Jesus was invited to the


marriage. The wine ran out. Jesus made the good wine using the water from water pots of


stone, and solved the awkward situation at once.


We possess plentiful paste-manufacturing experience more than 40 years up to now. And


we established JIIA NA Enterprise co., Ltd in 1992. During this time, we always research


and develop new products continuously. Our procedure is standardized with modernistic


technique for more hygienic and healthy products from A to Z.


Our dream is to create the unique, tasty, delicious, and attractive food products with the

  ordinary materials like what Jesus did.

The motive power of JIIA NA is from home. There always be a great mother who bears


hardships and blames to keep sweet home. JIIA NA is graceful every great mother.

  Therefore, our mission is to produce diversified paste products for helping mothers to

cook tasty and delicious meals easily.


  Manufacturing, researching and marketing are major business of JIIA NA which
  possesses paste-manufacturing experience more than 40 years. JIIA NA associating with
  its partner company ─薩巴義大利家庭廚房 face to face with customers, therefore we can
  be informed of market acceptance of our products and we will modify them for everybody at
No.73, Shenei, Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 744, Taiwan (R.O.C.)